Rape victim fends off naked attacker with knife

Adam Lee Gomez // HCSO

A Mission man remains behind bars after he allegedly raped a woman after they were at a birthday celebration.

The alleged rape happened in McAllen on the 500 block of south 29th Street July 14th before 3 a.m.

According to McAllen police, the victim had invited Adam Lee Gomez to a birthday party she held the evening before.

Documents obtained by Action 4 News claim Gomez raped the victim after he rode a bike to her apartment, telling her his father kicked him out of the home.

Gomez reportedly texted the victim three times around 1 a.m.

The texts to the victim said that Gomez needed someone to pick him along with his children after he had an argument with his father.

Gomez reportedly texted the victim he was outside of her home.

The victim told police she didn TMt respond to the text messages.

Around 2 a.m., the woman heard knocking on her bedroom window, and received three calls from Gomez.

The woman let the 27-year-old into her apartment after he asked to borrow her van to pick up his children.

At this time, Gomez asked for a glass of water and asked the victim about a red helium tank in the home.

The victim said she used it for balloons at the celebration, and as she was walking towards the tank, Gomez grabbed her, putting her into a headlock.

Gomez told the victim to not scream as he raped her in the living room.

The 27-year-old said if she didn TMt do as he said, he would hurt her children who were sleeping in their bedroom.

According to documents obtained by Action 4 News, the victim was able to defend herself with a kitchen knife.

During the struggle, the knife broke leading the victim to bite Gomez repeatedly on his arms and kicked him.

The victim was able to get free from Gomez TMs grip, and escape from her apartment, falling on the cement steps outside.

Gomez then ran out of the apartment.

The victim suffered scratches to her face, neck area along with red markings on her arms and back shoulders.

She also suffered red markings on her legs and ankles.

Authorities arrested Gomez and charged him with sexual assault.

The 27-year-old remains behind bars at the Hidalgo County Jail on a $150,000.

Family members of Gomez spoke to Action 4 News about the case.

Gomez's sister Amanda Lee Gomez said her brother is innocent and is a victim of false charges.

She claims the charges were an act of retaliation for a past dispute.

Gomez said her brother and the ictim were estranged but had been talking and consensual sexual intercourse.

She said the woman's famliy arrived at the house, found them naked and that's when she changed her story.

Gomez said her brother is in the military and that family is working together to defend him and provide a legal defense.

"When I was younger, my brother protected me from getting raped," Gomez said about her brother. "I know he would not do that to someone else."