Raw sewage flooding Hidalgo homes blamed on city

Dulce Garcia

When a toilet is flushed, most people expect the dirty water to stay down.

It's not the case for Dulce Garcia.

Home video shows sewage pouring out from her toilet last week and onto the floors of her Hidalgo home.

The frustration in her voice is recorded as well.

"This has to stop!" she said while showing the water in the kitchen.

Dulce says this has been ongoing problem at her North 34th Drive home for the last 3 years.

"I'm afraid of what I'm exposing my family, what we are being exposed too," she said. "And not only us. All the families in the area."

Another neighbor captured an overflowing sewer on video.

It shows the flood water spewing out of the manhole cover.

But it's not just toilets that trigger the flooding.

Faucets, washing machines and showers backup the lines too, according to Dulce.

She fears her family's health could be at risk.

"In here, you can still smell the water, the foul odor, that I'm sure it has absorbed into the wall," she explained while pointing in the bathroom.

The City of Hidalgo has cleaned the sewer lines in the past.

But Dulce says the Band-Aid approach doesn't last.

"These things happen," she told Action 4's Ryan Wolf. "But when it happens over and over again it needs to be fixed permanently."

Turns out city leaders do want to make it right.

Representatives from the water and the city engineer departments arrive at Dulce's home after several phone calls from Ryan while he investigated Dulce's claims.

"On behalf of the city we certainly apologize for that and we're going to work on it and try to get it fixed," Fred Kurth, consultant for the city engineer, told Dulce in her living room.

The city's game plan is to look deep into the sewer lines.

"By that we are going to put a camera in the line to see if there is something in the line to see if there's something causing this to plug up occasionally," Fred explained.

The news brings out a flood of emotions in Dulce.

"We are very thankful that we got a response and got the assistance from Action 4 News," she said. "I know now that we're going to get more attention to this problem."

She's glad to know the city's finally taking action.

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