RAW VIDEO - Pastor speaks about missionary's death

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The religious community is speaking out about the death of a Rio Grande Valley missionary who died after being shot in Mexico.

Nancy and her husband Sam Davis were traveling on a Mexican highway near San Fernando when gunmen opened fire on them on Wednesday.

Investigators said Sam Davis was not hurt but 59-year-old Nancy was hit in the head with a bullet.

The couple had lived in Mexico for years but after the shooting, Sam drove to the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge and called for help.

Several agencies on both sides of the border are investigating the case.

Merton Rundell, a professor at Union Bible College in Indiana, told CNN that knew the couple well.

Rundell said Nancy paid the ultimate price for her noble work.

"Dedicated, wonderful people, cheerful, upbeat, dedicated to God, ready to do whatever it takes and they made the ultimate sacrifice," Rundell said.