RAW VIDEO: 'El Kilo' Arrested & Presented

Action 4 News has posted RAW VIDEO of a press conference in Mexico City were Mexican navy officials presented San Fernando massacre suspect known as 'El Kilo.'

The Mexican Navy reported that marines arrested Omar Martin Estrada-Luna in Ciudad Victoria on Saturday.

Estrada-Luna, who went by the nicknames "El Comandante Kilo" or "El Kilo," allegedly had a leadership role in the kidnapping and murders of bus passengers in San Fernando.

Officials have confirmed 145 bodies have been recovered but fear there may be more than 200 bodies in total.

Authorities offered a $15,000,000 peso reward, or about $1,273,549 American dollars, for the capture of Estrada-Luna.

Navy officials reported that authorities located Estrada-Luna in the Colonia Vamos Tamaulipas of the Fraccionamiento Peregrinos in Ciudad Victoria on Saturday.

Authorities arrested also arrested five more people identified as:

Luis Manuel Salazar-Sanchez, 26 Heber Alfredo Ahumada-Banda (aka "El Cholo"), 26 Julieta Maricela Almaguer-Reyes, 25 Juana Marlene Celaya-Saldaa, 18 Lucero Pea-Martinez, 18

The investigation and arrests led to the arrests of six more people in Ciudad Victoria:

Miguel Angel Hernandez-Hernandez (aka El Chimuelo), 40 Victor Cuitlhuac Montoya-Torres (aka Degollado), 22 Yezenia Vianey Lopez-Romero, 21 Claudia Valeria Fuentes-Martinez (aka La Popis), 21 Delia Selene Rodriguez-Carlos, 19 Jose Eduardo Gonzalez-Fuentes, 18

Mexican navy officials said Estrada-Luna is also linked to the murders of 72 Central and South American immigrants also in San Fernando back in August 2010.

The navy reports that Estrada-Luna has also been linked to the murder of Tamaulipas State Police investigator Roberto Jaime Suarez-Vasquez and San Fernando Police Chief Juan Carlos Sanchez-Suarez.