RAW VIDEO: Ray Pedraza Gets Tasered by San Juan police

Ray went down with a quick shot from the taser.

Action 4 News reporter Ray Pedraza learned first hand that San Juan police now carry tasers.

San Juan police did training exercises and demonstrations for Rio Grande Valley media outlets on Thursday monring.

Always a good sport, Ray volunteered to be tasered as part of the demonstration.

Police had Ray pretend to be a man armed with a knife threatening to harm himself.

A quick shot from a taser disarmed Ray and sent him down to the ground where officers cuffed him as part of the training exercise.

San Juan police believe that tasers can help save lives and defuse dangerous situations.

Ray told VALLEYCENTRAL.COM that he was not harmed but DOES NOT recommend the experience.

"Obey the law and comply with police," Ray said.