Raymondville woman gets two years in prison for past beer run

Sandra Gracia // Willacy County District Attorney's Office Photo

A Raymondville woman will spend the next two years in prison after being sentenced for stealing a 20-pack of beer.

Sandra Gracia appeared before Judge Migdalia Lopez with the 197th State District Court in Raymondville.

Judge Lopez sentenced Gracia to two years in prison for stealing a 20-pack of beer back in June 2007.

The Willacy County District Attorney TMs Office reported that Gracia walked into the Lyford Superette and threatened a clerk with a beer bottle when confronted for stealing.

Gracia was arrested near the store and pleaded guilty in the aggravated robbery case back in May 2009 where she got deferred adjudication.

Court records show Gracia had been serving that deferred adjudication but had substance abuse problems and was put in rehab.

The records show that Judge Lopez ultimately issued an order to revoke Gracia TMs probation back in August.

The Raymondville woman was arrested on September 11th and held in custody.