Recent Reynosa battle photos on YouTube

Two 'narcocorrido' videos reportedly featuring pictures from recent gun battles in Miguel Aleman and Reynosa have appeared on YouTube.

The two videos were posted to YouTube on Saturday by a 19-year-old user from Mexico named "7YGR3".

Each video features a series of still photographs reportedly from recent battles set to the music of a "narcocorrido" or "drug ballad".

In the lyrics for the Reynosa video, the singers says Sinaloa cartel members drove into Tamaulipas looking for Los Zetas.

The singer in the Reynosa also mocks the silence of the Mexican federal government about the battles and says they're only there to pick up the bodies.

The singer describes a car-to-car gun battle in the Miguel Aleman video but also mentions having to look on American websites for information.

The source of the photos was not revealed on the video.

Drug cartels have been known to send messages and warnings to each other through YouTube videos but the meaning of this video is not clear.

Warning: The videos have graphic content.