Records: Hargill dad drove while his sons shot at ICE agent

A father and two of his sons are now facing criminal charges for the early Monday morning shooting of an ICE agent in the rural Hidalgo County community of Hargill.

FBI agents filed federal charges against 40-year-old Pedro Alvarado and his 18-year-old son Arnoldo Alvarado on Wednesday.

The father and his two sons have been held in custody since Monday as part of the investigation into the shooting of U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Kelton Harrison.

Harrison survived the attack but court records reveal that he was conducting surveillance for a drug deal that was supposed to take place off FM 493 when he came under fire.

"Get The Guns"

A criminal complaint shows that Pedro Alvarado told Arnoldo and his younger brother to "get the guns" because there was a suspicious vehicle near their home.

It's not clear if the Alvarado family was the target of Agent Harrison's surveillence but the records show Pedro drove while his sons got in the family car.

The complaint shows that Pedro drove with the car's lights off when they came upon the ICE agent's vehicle.

Arnoldo allegedly shot a .22-caliber rifle from the front passenger seat while his younger brother shot a 9mm handgun from the backseat.

Agent Harrison fled from the attackers but Pedro Alvarado chased behind.

Federal agents searched the family's home and found two illegal immigrants from El Salvador there.

It's not clear why the two immigrants were there but they are being held as witnesses in the case.

Court Charges

Pedro and Arnoldo appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby in McAllen's federal court on Thursday morning.

They are both facing attempted murder of a federal agent charges.

Judge Ormsby denied bond for both of them until a Tuesday afternoon hearing.

Pedro's younger son is expected to appear before a judge in Hidalgo County Juvenile Justice Court early Thursday afternoon.

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