Recovery continues for second Harwell Middle School victim

A boy shot during basketball tryouts at Edinburg's Harwell Middle School lost a kidney but is now able to get up out of bed and walk around with some assistance.

Doctors at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen said they are hoping to have 14-year-old Edson Amaro home for the holidays.

Amaro was admitted to the hospital last week after he and 13-year-old Nicholas Tijerina were shot by stray bullets outside the Edinburg school.

The two boys were trying out for the school's basketball team.

A criminal investigation into the incident continues but doctors said they a single bullet to Amaro's body.

The bullet caused internal damage to Amaro's liver, a kidney and intestines.

According to Amaro's father, his son is involved in sports and played as #17 on the Harwell Middle School football team.

The boy was looking forward to joining the basketball team at the time of the shooting.

"We are very thankful and grateful to the community for all the support, donations and prayers," said Edson's fater Pedro Amaro. "Edson lost his mom seven years ago and knows that she is watching over him and has never left his side."