Recovery continues for woman beaten for four days by husband

A woman allegedly being held against her will passes a note to a patron at a supermarket in Mission asking for help.

Mission police arrive and arrest the woman's husband for unlawful restraint.

Investigators said the woman was so badly beaten that she had to be taken to the hospital and was placed in critical condition.

The women remained hospitalized for most of the weekend but police said she TMs finally in stable condition.

Police charged her husband Martin Pia with the crime.

Investigators believe that Pia beat his wife for four days.

They said he went with her to an H-E-B supermarket off East Griffin Parkway.

Pia allegedly told her if she got out of the car, he would hear the alarm, come outside, and beat her again.

Rosalinda Rodriguez with Mujeres Unidas said this story isn't uncommon.

She says many women speak up but at the last minute when they feel they've exhausted every other option.

"We do have clients that get to that point in their lives where any second means death, Rodriguez said. We will open our doors to them."

But Rodriguez said women before leaving, need to make a safety plan to figure out what resources they have and how they can utilize them when they finally decide to leave.

For more information about Mujeres Unidas and how they may be able to help you or someone you know you can call their hotline at (800) 580-4879.

Martin Pia was charged with unlawful restraint and given a $100,000 dollar bond.