Red Cross, neighbors help out homeless family

The charred remains and destroyed clothing are all thats left from Amelia Marlolejos home on Las Milpas.

A blaze engulfed their home Tuesday afternoon leaving them with nothing.

"My grandson started crying and yelling 'fire'," Amalia Marmolejo said.

But neighbors and church members are stepping up and chipping in what they can to help them.

"I'm thankful to all the people that are helping us out," she added.

Since tuesday evening people have dropped off moneyn clothes, food anything the family needs.

Amalia's son, Jonas said a neighbor is also allowing them to stay in small home.

"The hosptial bed, we're trying to get it all back, get our prescription refilled," he said.

Three of the family members are disabled and under medication.

Help from the American Red Cross has allowed them refill those prescriptions.

Despite the set back Jonas says their faith in God and their had work will help them pull through.

"We will be alright, slowly, but thanks with everything and everybody," he concluded.

One of the family members rushed back inside the house during the fire to go after two children inside.

The family said she suffered burns and is now at a hospital in San Antonio but is recovering.