Red-winged blackbirds eating away profits

Marcus Wick has been a farmer all his life.

But this year, red-winged blackbirds migrating through his cornfield have devoured almost half of his crop.

The farmer planned on growing fall corn to earn extra money for a family emergency.

Unfortunately, he will not receive the money he was anticipating.

"For a week now, they are just devastating my crop, I doubt if I harvest a fourth of what I expected to," Wick said.

The migrating flock of birds have destroyed and eaten a big chunk of his corn crop, leaving the farmers hands tied.

Wick was anticipating 4,500 to 5,000 pounds per acre and the damage could be costly.

When he looks at his cornfield daily, he hates to see the birds.

Wick owns about 100 acres of land, making it difficult to scare the red-winged blackbirds that are attacking his crop daily.

He has tried to scare them off but the birds just keep coming back.

Im hoping to see no birds, but then here they come," said Wick

It won TMt be until harvest season when this farmer will know the total damage the red-winged blackbirds have caused.

Wick estimates the damage could be as much as $22,000 dollars.

Action 4 News contacted Texas parks and wildlife to see if there is something wick can do to save his crop unfortunately Game Warden Jarret Barker says these problems happen all the time.

"The farmers have to produce and keep the world going so as a balance between wildlife and human consumption somewhere in the middle we have to find a balance Barker said.

Wick said that when you TMre a farmer your expected to deal with all type of problems, wildlife, insects and mother nature. He just wishes something could be done.