Redbox customers concerned credit card numbers being stolen

The concept is simple - select from the thousands of movies available, pay under $2, take the flick home to watch and take it back the next day.

The no hassle, membership free concept has made Redbox the rental stop for many across the Rio Grande Valley.

However some Action 4 Viewers said credit card scammers have also made their way to Redbox.

Melissa Galvan Ortega tells Action 4 on Facebook that she's been charged $15 dollars at times when she didn't even rent a movie.

Cari Jo Garza also posted on Facebook stating she stopped renting from Redbox all together because there were always "ridiculous" charges on her card.

Police said it doesn TMt just have to be at a Redbox - credit card scammers are everywhere.

"There's technology out there that can pretty much copy your credit card number from a distance, wireless wise," Brownsville Police Inv. J.J. Trevio said.

According to Action 4 viewers, after a trip to Redbox they've noticed extra charges on their movie rental and some claim to have never seen a $1 to $2 charge, but were then notified of hundreds to thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges on their account.

That's what happened Action 4 Facebook user BeatBox Dj Tranz, who said he was charged $100 instead of $1.

Police said people should keep their eyes open when swiping their card anywhere.

"(There TMs) devices that appear to be part of that particular (credit card reader), but they are not, Trevio said. They're just something that's inserted in there by people that are trying to get the (credit card) numbers. It basically registers your number (and) your pin and holds it until the thief comes back to get (the device)."

Other Action 4 viewers said they've never had a bad experience at Redbox and Jennifer Flores said it's not technology that has failed or a company trying to scam people, but individuals without morals and values that are guilty of these crimes.

Just keep notice that if anything looks odd where ever you're going to swipe your card, then don TMt do it because you don TMt know if it's legit or not," Trevio added.