Redistricting to affect McAllen voting lines

Big changes are coming to the city of McAllen

Big changes are coming to the city of McAllen, not only in the upcoming city elections, but for the voters as well.

Recent redistricting within the city has changed up voter boundaries.

"That's in order to make sure that everyone's vote weighs the same as everyone else's, said Assistant City Attorney Ignacio Perez.

Perez says because of McAllen's large growth and expansion as recorded in the 2010 census, all six districts have been affected.

Residents need to be aware that their voting district is more than likely different than before.

"Even if the person remains in the same household, same apartment, same house, their district line may have changed, said Perez. So where previously you may have been in district 1, maybe you're now in district 2."

Now, city leaders encourage voters to check the redrawn boundaries of district maps, which can all be found on the city's website.

Perez says redistricting will happen in the city of McAllen every ten years.

The next time will be after the 2020 census.

"Even if there isn't a growth in population, there may be shifts in where the population is located, said Perez. More people may go up north to districts 1 and 2, or there may be more growth in the central district."

People can register to vote through April 11 for the upcoming McAllen city elections in May.

In the running is the positions for district 1, 2, and 3 commisioners, a special election for the district 6 position, as well as the race for mayor.

Visit for more information on new boundary lines and districts, and click on the 2013 Elections link.

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