Reduced bond for daughter TMs abuser angers mother

Aaron Rodriguez of Brownsville faces one count of sexual assault against a child and ten counts of child pornography.

A reduced bond allowed him to leave jail earlier this month.

The alleged victim's mother said she fears for other children.

"He should not be outside, said the mother.

The mom said one day instinct made her search her daughter's cell phone.

"I saw him texting very, very dirty messages to her phone, said the mom. Then he would tell her to take some pictures of her private areas."

According to the mom, those pictures surfaced on Rodriguez's phone.

A talk with her daughter revealed allegations of abuse against him.

Police arrested Rodriguez.

He reportedly left jail that same day.

"I don TMt think it TMs fair, said the mom.

The Cameron County District Attorney's office said Rodriguez's bond was originally set at $200,000 dollars.

They said Judge Ben Neece decreased it to $75,000 without their knowledge, after the assistant district attorney left the room.

Judge Neece told Action 4 News he followed the constitution by providing protection for the victim and giving the defendant a reasonable bond.

He said the 10 child pornography charges could have been reduced to just one, and that also played a role in his decision.

Judge Neece said "I'm not supposed to oppress people with bonds, and we can't give up the presumption of innocence."

The mom's anger now targets two people: Judge Neece and her daughter's alleged attacker, Aaron Rodriguez.

She said Rodriguez was once a close family friend.

"I don't know why he would do this, said the mom. It really hurts.