Refund check for Katt Williams show 'won't' cash

Sylvia Hinojosa said her refund check for the cancelled Katt Williams show on July 16th looked like the real deal. Her check was for $90. The amount was actually minus a couple of dollars in service fees. Sylvia said she didn TMt mind. To her, the now disgraced promoter, Marjai Entertainment, made good on his promise after once trying to switch the main act. "I was happy... I thought justice was served, said Hinojosa. "I thought I was getting my money back." But the excitement was short lived. Hinojosa said she took the check to a Compass Bank to try and cash it but was told by a teller that it could not be processed at this time. As a former bank teller herself, Hinojosa said she knew exactly what that meant. "There's insufficient funds... they don't have to tell me... I already know... there are insufficient funds." She called it insult to injury. "We've been cheated, we've all been cheated and we all feel for this scheme," she said. "I feel really foolish about it." But it could have been worse. Hinojosa said if it wasn't for her background in the banking industry, she may have tried to deposit the check. "Come 2, 3, 4 days later... the check comes back as insufficient, so you're less 90 days plus, whatever fees your bank charges," she explained. The check is dated good for 180 days. Sylvia does not plan to try and cash the check again until she hears word the account has sufficient funds. The City of Harlingen has not yet refunded Marjai Entertainment in connection with its contract. The company is owed more than $20,000. The city TMs attorney said she plans to hold it while reviewing further legalities.