Region One annual job fair attracts hundreds

Over 800 educators lined the halls of Region One in Edinburg on Thursday---all vying for a shot at one of the jobs available in the region.

"I think it's an optimistic market right now. There are lots of opportunities. We have about 125 vacancies right now."

Melissa Ramirez, human resources director for Region One, told Action 4 News there will always be a need for applicants in the education field.

"Kids need to get taught and someone needs to teach them, Michelle said. Someone needs to drive the buses, someone needs to clean the schools, and someone needs to run the schools.......there are still opportunities."

One opportunity is at Evins Regional Juvenile Center.

Michelle Wedd said, despite being a small facility, they have six slots open.

"We're looking for the highly qualified individual. If they're not there yet then there is still a way to get their foot in the door."

She added, if a person does not secure a job on that first try|.they should not give up and just try harder.