Registered Sex Offender Speaks Out

His face is plastered on the public sex offender registry.

I TMm not going to shy away from this, said Billy Wayne Johnson.

He did time behind bars.

I TMm not going to hide from this, said Johnson.

It all stems from claims that Billy Wayne Johnson, a registered sex offender, volunteers at Horizon Montessori Charter School in McAllen.

When the news first aired on Action 4 News, parents were concerned, and after seeing the report, Johnson contact Action 4 News.

They should have no fears, said Johnson.

He claims to have been wrongfully accused.

Unfortunately, I have to carry this label around with me for the rest of my life, he said.

He TMs convicted of indecency with a child, but Johnson said what really happened is that his ex girlfriend made the story up after a falling out.

But if that TMs not enough to calm fears, At no time am I ever left alone on that campus, he said.

Johnson said two of his children attend the charter school, and he said he was upfront with the school TMs administration about his record, and the school has strict policies in place.

I either have to be escorted by a faculty member or be in plain sight by a faculty member at all times, said Johnson.

As for claims that he volunteers at the school, he said he gets involved with his children TMs school the only way he can, working from home designing the yearbook TMs front and back cover.

I do not go to the school for that, he said.

Johnson said he understands people TMs fears, but said he TMs just a man trying to live a normal life with his wife and children.

I want them to know they TMre children are safe, and I want them to know that the school, the district, the administration, including the principal are doing everything they can to ensure those children TMs safety, said Johnson.