Rep. Canales: Shame on you Mr. O'Reilly

Food Stamp Investigation

First the sticker shock:

"When it was brought to my attention by Joey Horta it was shocking," said District 40 State Rep. Terry Canales.

And now the mudslinging.

Canales is calling out Fox News host Bill O'Reilly after making what Canales calls ignorant claims about the people of South Texas.

"Stereotypes in general are ignorant and that was a stereotype and Bill O'Reilly ought to know better."

The District 40 representative is referring to an O'Reilly Factor broadcast where the name sake basically called the border and South Texas a hub for food stamp fraud.

Canales says O'Reilly labeled those who live in on the border as drug dealers.

"Drug dealers and other people in that business making a lot of money don't declare it on paper. They don't make any money so the government sends them food stamps which they give to 'Bob' and drive away in a Mercedes Benz. That's all over the place down on the border," said O'Reilly

"I'd like Bill to come down and visit. The SNAP program is essential to not only the community and people in need, but to say that we're all drug dealers is ignorant and insulting at best and you know what, shame on you Mr. O'Reilly," said Canales.

The debate started in February with the Action 4 News investigation into a 7 thousand dollar receipt on a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program account balance, after a sell at a Brownsville gas station.

"In my opinion, it is not sound accounting principles to let funds roll over indefinitely. I don TMt think it is in the best interest of the program or in the best interest of tax payer dollars," said Canales.

On Friday, Canales filed a bill in the Texas House of Representatives to limit the amount of funds that can rollover from month to month.

He believes it could set the tone for the rest of the country. Follow Joey Horta on Facebook

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