Report: Manager refused to discard potentially hazardous foods in broken fridge

A Raymondville restaurant is exposed on Food 4 Thought for storing potentially hazardous foods inside a broken refrigerator.

Chaya TMs on 956 East Hidalgo Avenue scored 33 demerits on an initial health inspection report.

A state inspector found the refrigerator wasn TMt properly maintaining temperature.

Eggs, seafood soup, raw barbacoa and bacon along with a long list of other foods were off temperature by nearly 50 degrees on some foods, according to the report.

A state inspector detained foods like rice and beans because the manager in charge reportedly refused to voluntarily discard them.

The restaurant TMs owner has since replaced the refrigerator.

Cesaria Hernandez said the restaurant is now in compliance.

A re-inspection showed 6 demerits.

But the Food Patrol TMs work wasn TMt done in Raymondville.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

RaymondvilleChaya TMs 956 E Hidalgo Ave (33, 6) *Food Detained, Broken Fridge*

WeslacoStripes 1919 W Bus 83 (24) *Off Temp. Beef, Flies*Texas Ice House 1400 N Westgate (27) *Cross Contamination, Flies*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

HarlingenLos Comadres 3322 N 77 Sunshine

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