Reports: Amit Livingston traded luxury penthouse for jail cell

Hermila Hernandez, Livingston's ex-lover

Amit Livingston went from living in a luxury penthouse to a jail cell.

Action 4 News has learned that the fugitive killer is now being housed in a jail that puts inmates to work on a farm and a mango orchard.

Livingston fled from the Rio Grande Valley as part of the Cameron County "Cash For Court Favors" scandal back in February 2007.

The convicted killer was supposed serve 23 years in prison for the death of his ex-lover, Edinburg teacher Hermila Hernandez.

Action 4 News has learned that Livingston spent the last seven years living under the name "Sanjay Kumar."

Media outlets from India report that Livingston had been using fake identity papers.

Livingston set himself up inside a luxury apartment in Sainikpuri, a suburb just outside the spawling tech city of Hyderabad.

Authorities reported that Livingston worked out his home working as a medical transcriptionist and rarely made outside phone calls other than work.

Indian media outlets reported that a background check by police of residents at the apartment complex revealed his real identity.

Neighbors told reporters were shocked by arrest and criminal past.

They said Livingston only left home to buy cigarettes and other items but spoke Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English.

Livingston is currently being held at the Cherlapally Prison just outside Hyderabad.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Bureau of Prisons, the facility houses hundreds of prisoners on more than a hundred acres of land.

The jail has extensive farming and rehabilitation programs for inmates. American officials have placed a formal extradition request for Livingston to be brought back to the Valley.

There's still no timetable on when the extradition could happen but Action 4 News will continue to follow the case.

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