Request for cash turns violent for woman in Harlingen

Jackie Denise Baldwin // Harlingen Police Department Photo

A Harlingen woman is behind bars after a robbery where she stabbed another woman in the head to get her purse.

Harlingen police arrested 42-year-old Jackie Denise Baldwin on an aggravated robbery charge on Saturday evening.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the incident started when Baldwin asked a woman for spare change at Gutierrez Park in downtown Harlingen.

The woman told Baldwin no but Baldwin allegedly responded by punching the woman in the head an stabbing her on the head with a knife.

Baldwin took the woman's purse and fled the scene but was caught a few blocks away.

Police found both the purse and the knife while paramedics took the victim to the hospital for medical treatment.

Baldwin appeared before a Harlingen municipal judge where she was issued a $600,000 dollar bond.

The Harlingen woman remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail.