Rescue crews resume third day of search for missing teen in canal

Rescue crews resumed the search for a third day for a missing teen in the waters of a canal south of McAllen.

The McAllen Fire Department said they will be rotating crews throughout the day at the canal off of Juan Balli and McColl Roads.

The teen, identified as 18-year-old Andres Frias, disappeared in the canal TMs murky waters on Thursday afternoon and has not been spotted since then.

On Friday, crews from neighboring cities TM fire departments and the Mission Police diving time combed the open waters of the canal.

The diving team was unable to search the water because of zero visibility, strong currents and hidden debris.

The family has spent the past two days glued next to the canal in hopes of a successful rescue.

A sore point between the family and rescue crews is a large, underground pipe that carries the canal underneath the floodway.

The family fears Frias, or his body, may be trapped in the large, 800 ft long, and 12x14 sq. ft. underground pipe.

But rescue crews said they do not have the resources to reach inside the pipe.

The McAllen Fire Department said rescue operations will continue until they find a body, or until their supervisors call off the search.