Resident concerned about Mexican trucks entering the United States

Until this month, Mexican trucks rarely travelled into the U.S.Technically, they were allowed to though the North American Free Trade Agreement, but due to concerns that they would put highway safety at risk, the U.S. instead would have the Mexican trucks load their goods on U.S. trucks instead of travelling into the interior to their destination.On October 21, the first Mexican truck was allowed to travel to the interior of the U.S., but not everyone is celebrating this first.Dave Ellingson brought his concerns to us via Facebook.He said he's concerned that Mexican trucks won't have the same safety standards as those in the U.S.Dave Ellingson is a former dump truck owner.He said he knows from experience how thorough inspections in the U.S. can be."The check for safety issues, air leaks, proper breaking systems..," said Ellingson.

But Ellingson tells Action 4 News that he TMs afraid inspections on big rigs from Mexico could be held to a different standard.

"It concerns me that the trucks that I've seen when I've visited Mexico could be coming here and just not meet the safety standards and become a danger to the United States," said Ellingson.

We brought these concerns to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

"Not just the trucks from Mexico but every truck out there we want to make sure that these trucks are going down the road safely," said State Trooper Johnny Hernandez.

Hernandez tells Acton 4 News that commercial vehicle enforcement trooper and highway troopers are specialized in the rules and regulations for commercial vehicles.

"DPS is making sure that the driver has passed safety reviews and check the tractor trailer and make sure that it's in compliance with all the equipment," said Hernandez.

Hernandez said motorists can rest assure that ever commercial vehicle travelling in the U.S. is held to the same safety standards.

Mexican truck drivers are also required to pass drug tests and know some English.

Those Mexican carriers wishing to participate in the program must apply through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.