Residents asking arsonists to stop putting lives in danger

Buster Harris, Brown Tract Road resident

Cameron County Fire Marshall Office has ruled arson as the cause behind the third house fire on Brown Tract Road in Lozano.

Right now the toll of houses intentionally burnt in the Rio Hondo and Lozano area is more than ten.

Residents of the area fear they might be the next victims.

They are pleading for the arsonists to stop putting lives in dangers.

"Don't be setting fire whoever is," Buster Harris, Brown Tract Road resident, said.

Harris has lived on Brown Tract Rd for the past nine years.

He tells Action 4 that he has never before witnessed a blazing fire destroy a home he saw Thursday night.

The burning home was mere feet of Harris' home.

"Police come knock on my door and told us to get up and get dressed," Harris said. "You know they had a fire and I came out and sparks of fire and pieces of stick were flying."

Officials say the fire could have easily spread to Harris' home.

"The houses up to now have been uninhabited but they are getting braver and creating these fires in areas that put other peoples TM lives in danger," Humberto Barrera, Cameron County Fire Manager, said.

Thankfully no one has been injured due to these fires but safety is the Fire Marshall's Office number one concern.

"We are going to reach out to the sheriff and ask if he can just beef up patrol and the constables TM office to beef up that area," Barrera said.

Barrera tells Action 4 that more arrests are expected to be made.

The Fire Marshall TMs office is asking for your help in catching these arsonists.

If you see anything out of the ordinary going on in your neighborhood contact police and if you can take down the car TMs license plate and pay close attention to who is driving it.