Residents blame mystery meat for dog deaths

Dogs poisoned

Penitas police are investigating the death of at least 13 dogs in a north Penitas neighborhood.

Many of the residents said they found a bright red meat in their dogs vomit leading them to believe their pets were poisoned.

Police Chief Roel Bermea said the department started getting calls on Sunday from residents who reported their dogs severely ill or dead.

It TMs strange, that TMs why my officers are canvassing the neighborhood to see if anybody saw anything suspicious, Chief Bermea said.

Owners reported their pets having diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding and not being able to walk.

One resident had to put her Labrador Retriever down because his symptoms were so severe.

Resident Jaime Fernandez said his dog named Princess started having the same symptoms Sunday, but somehow made it through the night.

I thought she was going to die, Fernandez said.

Some dogs were not affected, mostly dogs chained to trees or kept indoors.

I think that somebody that doesn TMt like animals played a joke, they thought it was funny or something, Fernandez said.

Chief Bermea said the department is investigating the mystery meat.

He said if the dogs were poisoned, the suspect could face multiple animal cruelty charges.

If you have any information, call Penitas Police Department at 583-0050.