Residents feel neglected and trapped by potholes

There are dozens of potholes covering Mile 9 North

Albert Leija lives just north of the expressway in Mercedes, and he and his neighbors in a small subdivision are stuck between a dirt road and this. Mile 9 is the road that leads to their homes but after rain and lack of maintenance it's become an absolute nightmare to travel.

They have no choice but to drive on the wrong side of the road risking coming face to face with oncoming traffic, but each driver does it in order to save their vehicles from heavy damage.

"I've had to get my vehicles repaired because of this and it's expensive."

The potholes are large and deep, and there are several dozen covering the entire stretch of Mile 9 North.

That's why drivers opt to drive into the nearby field putting themselves in danger there as well.

Albert is asking county leaders to fix the road and not ignore the residents that live here even if they are tucked away from the city.

They are just a few streets from the busy outlet mall.

"We pay taxes like everyone else."

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