Residents prepare before hurricane season starts

Hurricane Awareness Fair

The recent devastation in Oklahoma is fresh on the minds of people all over the nations, and right here in the valley residents have taken notice on how easily everything can be taken away.

That is why several people turned out to the Hurricane Awareness Fair hosted by the City of Brownsville.

We haven TMt had a Category three or four in the valley since the 1980s with Hurricane Allen. Half of the residents in Brownsville haven TMt experienced that before, Jeff Johnston the Brownsville Emergency Manager said.

Juan Gonzalez attended the hurricane awareness fair, hosted by the City of Brownsville.

Safety is important, he said.

He is a first time homeowner and wants to protect his house and family should a hurricane sweep through the valley.

The younger generations are getting involved this time around.

It could be attributed to an awareness of nationwide events or their parents encouraging safety.

Home Depot is usually a hot spot as storms approach.

They are asking residents to start preparations now as opposed to waiting last minute.

Do little by little so it doesn TMt break the bank,

Juan is a step ahead of the rest after touring the fair at the Brownsville Public Library and can rest a little easier knowing he is doing all he can to keep his family safe this hurricane season.

Actually I am starting today, Gonzalez said about preparing for hurricane season.

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