Residents raise money for mourning mother

Funds being raised for Ruby Ramirez's family.

The death of little Ruby shocked her community in San Benito, but a group of people quickly gathered to find a way to help her family in their time of need.

"She lost a seven year old, it doesn't get any worse that, Noe Zavala said.

Noe Zavala is referring to Maria Ramirez, a San Benito mother who lost her daughter in a tragic accident earlier this week.

The bad news hit close to home for these San Benito residents who took it upon themselves to help ease the pain for this mother in mourning.

"The only thing we're trying to do is just make her forget about whatever it is financially that she's going to stress about, she's already got enough on her shoulders, Salazar said.

A burden these fund raisers feel no parent should ever have to carry.

With a successful first day behind them, they continue to seek financial help from other San Benito residents.

"Yesterday we raised $800. Today unfortunately because of city rules we're not able to collect on the streets," Zavala said.

The family is supported by the mom's single income and any donation will go a long way for them as they prepare to bury 7-year-old Ruby Ramirez.

Another San Benito mother, Laura Jasso, believes it's any parents worst nightmare.

"I have two children I can't even bear the thought of losing a child, so to hear something like this it's very sad. When Noe told me about it I wanted to be here because I feel for the mom. I wouldn't want to ever go through something like that, Jasso said.

The group has permission from Jack in the Box to collect funds for the Ramirez family outside their business on Sam Houston street.

They will be back out there tomorrow and are the only group doing this type of collecting at this time.