Residents refuse to welcome low-income housing to their neighborhood

Residents say their home value will suffer

They came to defend their stance on a new development by the McAllen Housing Authority.

"I mean you don't put a trailer next to a million dollar subdivision," said Anthony Cavazos.

They left with no chance to tell the McAllen city commission how they really feel about the low income housing development approved to be built in the neighborhood at 23rd and Auburn.

Commissioner Trey Pebley says overall the city of McAllen is in need of this type of development, but not all of the commissioners are on board.

And the people who already live here aren't having it and say the value of their homes will suffer.

In order to qualify, a single family would have to make less than $21,000 a year, and also pass a strictbackground check.

The fight will have to wait for another day, since the item was tabled at Monday night's meeting.