Residents still dealing with heavy roach infestation

From stomping and killing roaches too cleaning up what's left behind, it's a bit of a relief for Esmeralda Barrera.

Barrera contacted Action 4 News for help after claiming her landlord at the Miguel Washmart apartments failed to fumigate, leading to an infestation of roaches.

Brownsville Public Health Department Director, Arturo Rodriguez, ordered the landlord, Maria Everitt, to clean up.

"The fumigators came and they did a treatment in the house, said Esmerelda Barrera. And let's just say I TMve seen many things in my life, but to see that many roaches was shocking.

Barrera feared the cockroaches that infested her apartment on Los Ebanos Boulevard in Brownsville were wreaking havoc on her children's health.

Her three girls and one boy share a room that was crawling with roaches.

Today their room looks a little different but the job is not done.

"They TMre going to have to come back in 15 days to do another retouch on it, said Barrera. And afterwards, every month to keep up with it.

But that's if the landlord pays for it says Barrera. Other families living in this complex tell Action 4 News they are also fed up with living in the roach infested building.

Jessica Delgado says her home has been riddled with pests for the past two years. Jessica's had to invest hundreds of dollars to keep her apartment clean since she claims the landlord refuses to fix the problem.

A problem the Brownsville Health Department says can be remedied if tenants file a report with their agency.