Restaurant busted with 'large rat dropping' warned to disinfect kitchen

It's the biggest rodent dropping ever caught on camera by a health inspector at a restaurant on Food 4 Thought.

The health report reads, "large rat dropping."

There are 22 demerits in all at Las Canastas on 825 Palm Boulevard during a March 14th inspection.

Roaches are also not on the menu.

Other city photos show dirty conditions, including equipment in the kitchen.

The restaurant is given 48 hours to fumigate and disinfect.

Calls to the business Wednesday afternoon went unanswered to check if they've complied.

Minimax Mart on Expressway 83 and Tom Gill Road in Penitas is the dirtiest this week with 32 demerits on an April 1st inspection.

A kitchen cop finds a bottle of Clorox on top of coffee stirrers, spiders, no soap or paper towels for proper sanitation and one more violation the Food Patrol is particularly concerned with.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf addresses it with the manager.

"Our main concern would be blood and mold in the meat display case," Ryan said.

"No," Fawwaz Abu Abtah responded. "He comes early in the morning and then the guys cut some meat. When somebody cuts meat, you work, when you work everything starts to come out because the meat is frozen."

The Food Patrol gets a tour of building.

Areas that have been cleaned are pointed out by the manager.

Fawwaz says he's been given two weeks before a re-inspection and adds how Minimax will be ready.

Fiesta Tex Mex on 101 West Expressway 83 in La Feria failed to keep it clean.

The restaurant initially scored 25 demerits back in February for a number of health code violations including: missing labels and dates on foods, no hand washing in between tasks, off temperature eggs and sausage by some 20 degrees, no soap or towels for proper sanitation along with dead and liveroaches.

Fiesta Tex Mex scored 3 demerits on a re-inspection in March.

But the restaurant closed for unknown reasons shortly after that.

Food Patrol fans are now in the know in case they ever reopen.

Subway on 1715 Expressway 83 in Penitas is this week's featured top performer with 0 demerits.

The Food Patrol is here to award the restaurant a sticker for keeping it clean.

It's Subway's second one since March of last year.

"We wanted to tell you good job!" Action 4's Ryan Wolf said. "You guys are doing things right!"

"Woo-hoo!" Jahaira Hernandez, sandwich artist shouted.

"So when customers see that sticker on the door, what do you want them to know?" Ryan asked.

"That we actually treat our customers right," she responded. "The kitchen is clean. Everything is clean!"

You know what the Food Patrol says to that-- "Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleLas Canastas 825 Palm Blvd (22) *Large Rat Dropping, Live Roaches*

La Feria 101 W Exp 83 (25, 3) *Live/Dead Roaches, Off Temp. Eggs & Sausage*

PenitasMinimax Tom Gill & Exp 83 (32) *Spiders, Blood & Mold in Meat Display Case*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

EdinburgChick Fil A 1201 UniversityWhataburger 2107 S Bus 281Burger King 104 S ExpKFC 2411 S Hwy 281

San JuanEl Rancho Grande 107 N Nebraska

ElsaWhataburger 623 E EdinburgAlameda 106 W Edinburg

MissionTaco Express 4954 Bentsen Palm

AltonParaiso 5 N & Mayberry

PenitasSubway 1715 Exp 83it's too late.

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