Restaurant closed after owner shoots wife

Los Girasoles

A woman shot by her husband in the head is now home recovering.

Family and neighbors tell us that the couple was going through a bitter divorce and had been separated for less than a year.

Tuesday morning police said 39-year-old Rene Rodriguez barged into his ex-wife's home on the 2400 block of North Minnesota.

That's where he shot Maria in the head, then turned the gun on himself. Rene died at the hospital, while Maria was only grazed by the bullet and survived. Rene owned a restaurant just down the street from the shooting. A customer we spoke to said he can't believe what happened.

"I am shocked cause I didn TMt see. He was smiling. He was happy. I even asked him everything going to work out right. I said that to him, everything will go okay, Los Girasoles restaurant customer James Levy said.

The restaurant is closed until further notice. Investigators are still currently investigating this case.