Restaurant fails to keep roaches out on second inspection, permit jeopardized

Church's Chicken on 820 East University in Edinburg is plucked from the rest of the restaurant crowd on Food 4 Thought for "keeping it clean."

"You want your house to look sparkling clean with sanitation," Daniel Rodriguez, store manager said. "I pretty much enforce the same thing here at work."

It's a no-nonsense approach to kitchen cleanliness.

Management relates it to the kind of clean when relatives visit home for the holidays.

The Church's crew is rewarded by the Food Patrol for the very first time under Rodriguez's watch.

"You my friend are a Top Performer on Food 4 Thought," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said.

The manager is overcome with joy.

The sticker represents a culmination of everyone's hard work, according to Rodriguez.

"This is going to be a great excitement," he said. "I don't think this location has gotten once since I TMve been here for the last year-and-a-half... This is going to be a great motivational tool."

Restaurants who aren't keeping it clean can get in trouble with the health department and the public too.

"I wouldn't go into a restaurant like that," Rosalinda Dehoyos said.

Las Casuelitas Cafe on 952 East Adams in Brownsville is busted for roaches!

Kitchen cops lay down the law.

The restaurant is told that it needs to re-fumigate, according to the health report.

Letty's Restaurant on 131 East Park in Pharr has roaches as well.

The restaurant is advised it needs an exterminator "immediately."

The problem is considered a health risk.

A chief inspector says the roaches put the health permit renewal in jeopardy

Letty's failed a re-inspection one week later for roaches once again.

The restaurant is advised to use a licensed exterminator to rid the place of creepy crawlers.

Dehoyos believes it's the restaurant's obligation to protect consumers the first time around.

"To have the place clean and properly sanitized... Roach-free," she said. It takes a third trip by the city health department to clear Letty's of the insect contamination.

The clearance for a renewal permit comes a full 10 full days later.

"Keep it clean!"

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