Restaurant open for 70 years in San Juan hits milestone

Garza's Cafe on 308 North Nebraska in San Juan is this week's featured top performer

Just like a person needs a driver's license to operate a vehicle, a restaurant must have a certified food manager on site to operate as well.

That's the necessary person who oversees food production and safety practices, according to health inspectors.

Taqueria Rincon Chilango on 4120 North Ware Road in McAllen didn't have one last week during an inspection and received a citation from the health department as a result.

Facing a possible $250 fine, the Food Patrol checked to see if the restaurant is following the rules now.

"Is there a food manager on site right now?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"Um... She's not here," a worker said.

Rincon Chilango scored 18 demerits for other violations including gnats and flies in the kitchen, food products on the floor and raw products next to produce which are both cross-contamination concerns.

Alegre Encuentro on 4810 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville isn't keeping it clean.

Dead roaches turn up in the restaurant.

A health inspector notes how some are found next to pots and pans.

Photographs show many of the violations which added up 21 demerits last week.

La Mexicana Tortilleria on 22271 Military Highway 281 outside San Benito is busted for dirty dining last month with 21 demerits.

The business is found with expired food products, cross-contamination of corn tortillas, dirty food contact surfaces and roaches.

The tortilleria has since closed down.

Arturo Ayala is a new owner who's opening up a meat market in the same building.

"You've seen the business, how bad was it?" Ryan asked.

"Really bad," Arturo said about the way the inside of the building looked. "Everything is going to be clean and new now-- everything! We're remodeling with a new kitchen and new equipment."

Garza's Cafe on 308 North Nebraska in San Juan is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits.

Owner Alicia Salinas can't contain herself when the Food Patrol arrives with a sticker.

"You look excited to see me?" Ryan asked.

"It's because I see you every Wednesday night on TV and on the news," Alicia responded. "I love it."

"I appreciate you watching," Ryan enthusiastically said. "But you know what I appreciate even more? You, keeping it clean! Here is another sticker!

This is the Cafe's 4th sticker!

70 years in business, Alicia says she knows not all restaurants follow the rules like at her restaurant.

"Keep it clean!" Alicia said.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

McAllenTaqueria Rincon Chilango 4120 N Ware (18) *Cited for No Certified Manager, Gnats/Flies*

BrownsvilleAlegre Encuentro 4810 Boca Chica (21) *Dead Roaches, No Soap/Towels*

San BenitoLa Mexicana Tortilleria 22271 Military 281 (21) *Dead Roaches, Expired Food*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

PharrSubway 1 S Cage Blvd

BrownsvilleSubway 3254 Boca Chica Blvd

SPIPelican Station 7355 Padre BlvdSchlitterbahn Sea4Ever 100 Padre Blvd

HarlingenLa Botana Grill 901 DixielandPapa John TMs 401 S 77 SunshineWing Stop 1729 W HarrisonNoriega TMs 1501 S H St

McAllenHouse Wine 1117 Hwy 83Kumori 400 Nolana Ave

San JuanSubway 700 N I RdGarza TMs 308 N Nebraska

AlamoFelix Burgers 1345 W FM 495