Restaurant Owner: Business doubled since sticker from Food Patrol

A top performer sticker from the Food Patrol is the Valley-wide symbol for a clean kitchen.

Reporter: "How did you know it was good news when I walked in?" Customer: "Because I saw the sticker man!" To earn a sticker, requires perfection. Only a zero demerit health inspection score will do. "This [stickers] right here... People see the sticker and people want to come," Felix Ramos, restaurant owner said. Freddy Elizondo proves the point of sticker success. He's eating at Platillo's restaurant on 1010 South Loop 499 in Harlingen, a repeat top performer sticker winner on Food 4 Thought. "I don't like to eat at a dirty place... I like a clean place... And I'm so happy this is a clean place," he said. General Manager Lupe Sanchez says his restaurant's winning formula is simple-- keeping good staff. "It's the low turnover when it comes to keeping the same staff and having everybody on the same page," Sanchez said. He knows the latest sticker success with a new sticker will generate a buzz in and around Harlingen. Customers say when they see the Food Patrol's seal of approval on the door, they know the cleaning standards are high. "It's clean man... very clean," Elizondo said. But it's not just peace of mind. A sticker can also translate into more dough. Felix Burgers on 1345 east FM 495 in Alamo is one example of a restaurant cashing in on a sticker. The eatery received one back in January 2011. Felix Ramos is the owner. "We are working hard... Our staff is always keeping it clean back there and we also see your show... And it keeps us up there... Good work... Good food and it keeps us up there." Felix says business has doubled since the Food Patrol's first visit some 17 months ago. He credits the help of his sticker for reaching that goal. "Great impact... Great program you guys have... Love the show... Keep it up," he said. Felix Burgers now has a second sticker to prove the restaurant keeps it clean!

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AlamoFelix Burgers 1345 FM 495

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