Restaurant owner takes responsibility for 37 demerits, flies on bacon

Brownsville restaurant owner Albert Trevino is one of only a few to actually admit to the Food Patrol that errors have been made in the kitchen.

"No, I'm not proud of that," he said about the health inspector report.

Photos taken by a health inspector at Four Corners on 4434 East 14th Street show a fly on raw bacon, tortillas on dirty cutting boards, uncovered food in the fridge and equipment on the ground.

"What's your reaction when you see that?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"What happened is that we had a screen that was not in place but course it's all been taken care of," Albert said with regards to the flies.

In all, 37 demerits turned up on an August 26th initial inspection.

Albert says he used the violations to course-correct the business and step up efforts to prevent future dirty dining as evident on a clean re-inspection.

"The main thing is I go ahead and congratulate the health inspector for their great work," he said. "I'm glad they're checking up on everybody because they have to do these follow ups."

Meli's restaurant on 999 South Sam Houston Boulevard in San Benito is the dirtiest this week on Food 4 Thought with 41 demerits.

The September 3rd city check-up was followed-up with a 3 demerit re-inspection.

The business is closed when the Food Patrol came around to question violations like: off-temperature food including carne guisada by more than 20 degrees, improper hygiene practices, inadequate hand-washing, cross contamination concerns, toxic items improperly stored and dirty equipment.

Spirit of Joy Daycare on 1155 West Stenger in San Benito scored 34 demerits on August 28th, with a 6 demerit check-up about a week later.

A kitchen cop says he found an off-temperature package of food, a cross-contamination issue with stored eggs, an inadequate handwash facility and expired goldfish snack crackers.

The Food Patrol spoke to an employee who did not identify herself about the latter violation.

"Well what it is, is that, it wasn't store expired," she said. "It has an expiration date of the store and then when we bring in it we're supposed to date it. That was the problem. It wasn't like it was expired from the store."

The daycare's owner, Gloria Rocha, tells the Food Patrol over the phone how conflicting city rules with food safety classes led to most of the demerits.

Gloria says she's proud of the center's prior clean reports and calls the inspector nitpicky.

Dai Tung on 2402 Brock Street in Mission is this week's featured top performer with a zero demerit health report.

Management is super proud of the achievement, which comes complete with a sticker from the Food Patrol.

"Keep it clean!" they said.

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleFour Corners 4434 E 14th St (37, 0) *Flies on Bacon, Dirty Cutting Board*

San BenitoMeli TMs 999 S Sam Houston (41, 3) *Off Temp. Carne Guisada, Cross-Contamination*Spirit of Joy Daycare 1155 W Stenger (34, 6) *Expired Snack Crackers, Cross-Contamination w/ Eggs*

Weekly Top Perfomer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenLuby TMs 1215 S 10th

MissionDai Tung 2402 Brock StBurger King 2414 E Exp 83Burger King 2301 N ConwayChick fil A 2501 E Exp 83

HarlingenPizza Hut 1224 S Commerce

EdinburgSonic 2222 W UniversityMcDonald TMs 1724 W UniversitySubway 4136 S McColl

San BenitoLonghorn Cattle 3055 W Exp 77