Retired Master Sergeant Honors Sgt. Rudy Rodriguez

Retired Master Sergeant Enrique Gonzalez Jr. did not know Sergeant Rodolfo Rodriguez Jr.

But said the bravery this young solider displayed that fateful day in Afghanistan shows just how courageous he was.

"The way he conducted his leadership skills by telling those two people to stand back while he went and checked out the item and it exploded...that is bravery," Gonzalez said.

For 38 years Gonzalez served in the U.S. Army.

He said his last tour was in the Middle East back in 2005...that was when he retired.

His wife Penny said the death of Sgt. Rodriguez hit close to home, as it was news she feared all those years her husband was away.

"This is the least that we can do after the sacrifice he paid," Penny said."We just want to show them that we care."

She said she hopes another does not have to endure the same pain the Rodriguez family has suffered through, but said, if they do her and her husband will be there.