Returning soldiers bring joy to their loved ones

The excitement in the Armed Forces Reserve Center was enough to give people goosebumps.

Wednesday, a total of 90 soldiers safely arrived back in Brownsville.

It's where their deployment began and it's where it now ends.

The crowd roared, welcoming home the troops.

One by one soldiers of the 370th transportation company marched off the buses.

In the crowd, people wore t-shirts and held signs that read "I love you" and Welcome Back.

It was a tearful day as families were reunited with their loved ones.

Araceli Cepeda and her husband were ecstatic to see their son.

Surrounded by family, Jesus Cepeda says he's looking forward to home cooking.

I can TMt wait to eat some Mexican food, said Jesus Cepeda with the US Army. I TMm glad to be back in the valley. It's an awesome feeling I can't explain.

Jesus deployed with his cousin Lenny Cepeda.He's looking forward to quality time with his loved ones

"I just want to enjoy everybody, said returning soldier Lenny Cepeda. I haven't seen them in months. I just want to enjoy everyone and get together.

It was a day of stark contrast in the lives of three Valley families mourning the loss of their troops, Sergeant Rudy Rodriguez, Sergeant Estevan Altamirano, and Lieutenant Andres Zermeo.

The three fallen heroes were remembered at the homecoming by the families.

God gave us the privilege for my nephew and son to come home safe, said the Araceli Cepeda. And I send my deepest sympathies to the families whose sons didn't come home.

Still it was a celebration of soldiers back on American soil.

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