Revised Harlingen ordinance targets overgrown, unkept lawns

Is your law in need of a good cut?

Harlingen residents, may want to get that done before a revised ordinance goes into effect or it could cost them.

City leaders recently revised a grass mowing ordinance already in place.

According to Harlingen Code Enforcement, the new measures will take effect August 1st.

Officials added height restrictions to the ordinance meaning that grass and vegetation can be no longer than 12 inches inside city limits.

If homeowners are found in violation, a one-time notice will be sent out.

If the lawn is not cut within seven days, the city will enter your property to cut it.

But you will be charged anywhere from $10 dollars to a $109 dollars, depending on the size of your lawn.

Homeowners will also be charged an additional $100 dollar processing fee.

Officials have already sent out 700 notices in the mail.

Low income elderly residents and the disabled will be exempt from paying fees.

The city is also willing to help those who need assistance cutting their yards.

All they have to do is contact them and a volunteer with Harlingen Proud will be sent out.