RGC city manager suspended with pay

The city manager of Rio Grande City, Matt Ruszczak, is suspended with pay after allegedly failing to report to police a sexual assault involving a child.

The assault involves a former city employee, Jason Solis, who is said to be the alleged abuser.

Right now, Solis is behind bars on sexual assault charges after a minor came forward with the allegations.

Starr County District Attorney TMs office is investigating this case.

The city employee is accused of sexually assaulting the minor back in 2013.

Ruszczak is one of the city officials under investigation and currently the only one suspended

Sunday morning, a special meeting was held to decide the future of Ruszczak as city manager.

City council members and the mayor of Rio Grande City, Ruben Villarreal, voted unanimously to suspend Ruszczak with pay.

"I want to make it very clear that our city manager is still an employee of Rio Grande City, he has not been terminated, Jacqueline Salinas, city attorney, said, said. He has not been accused of anything; those are assumptions that are being made by the public."

However many residents at the meeting didn TMt agree with the decision.

"You know there is an investigation going on and you still haven't determined who the one guilty is, Rio Grande City resident Dario Garza said. Well why you suspend this man over here and destroy his reputation by doing that.

They want to know why Ruszczak is the only city official being suspended.

Dario Garza believes it TMs a political move by the city TMs mayor and the commissioners due to the upcoming elections.

Ruszczak attorney, G. Allen Ramirez, agrees with Garza.

"This is an election year, this does shine the light directly on Matt rather than on everybody else who it should be shown on, Allen said.

However Salinas says the city is just following protocol.

"Our protocol will not change just because one person or one individual or two individuals feel that they are special and they should be treated differently, Salinas said.

Salinas said that the city is not handling the investigation but that they are fully cooperating.

Allen said Ruszczak is also cooperating.

Ruszczak was hired as city manager back in September 2013.

Right now it TMs not clear how long he will be suspended.

The deputy city manager, Elisa Beas, will take Ruszczak place until further notice.

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