RGV teen on his way to Eagle Scout rank

Only 10 out of every 100 Boy Scouts ever makes the rank of Eagle Scout. Perhaps, because it is no easy task. A Boy Scout must seek out, organize and successfully execute a project of their choice that benefits their community, before the age of 18.

Boy Scout Austin Laurence of Brownsville is on his way to making the rank. He chose to give back to his community by helping Sable Palms Sanctuary get back on its feet.

"It mainly is benefitting everyone because a lot of people come here, Laurence said, to look at the birds the trees and everything."

Although a naturally beautiful sanctuary, after Sable Palms was forced to close its doors due to the lack of funding, things got a little warped.

Laurence said he jumped on the chance to get his hands dirty all in efforts to bring new life to the nature trail as part of his Eagle Scout project.

"We've been sanding, we've been fixing the posts because some were leaning " we (would) fix them, after we fixed them we (would) sand them down - as you can see now (we TMre painting) paint them."

Following through with such a project, Laurence said, sets a leader apart from the pack.

"(I have to) mainly enforce people working, I have to manage every little detail (like) lunch, what happens, roll-call, how many breaks people can take, Laurence said. And also you have to plan with other people such as the managers of this park. I had to talk to them to see what they thought."

While working his way up the ladder, Laurence is also setting the example for those who follow.

"I TMm planning on making Eagle and if I want to make Eagle I need a project, Bruno Olivo said. So if I come here and help Austin, then hopefully he'll want to help me with my Eagle project since he already knows what it would be like to go through the project and paperwork."

Some who have come before Laurence, such as Microsoft founder Bill gates have not achieved Eagle, but in about a week, Laurence will find out if he made the elite rank.