Rice distributor caught with 65 bundles of marijuana

A man was caught at a Border Patrol checkpoint with 65 bundles of marijuana on Friday.

Donaciano Garza Jr. was traveling through the Sarita Checkpoint in a tractor trailer carrying a grain hauler.

When a Border Patrol agent asked Garza where he was traveling to, Garza said he was coming up from Weslaco to go to Houston.

He told them that he was a rice distributor and was planning to pick up a load of rice.

The agent told Garza he had never heard of anyone taking empty trailers from the Valley and driving them up to Houston.

The agent said Garza was very quiet, uncooperative and avoiding eye contact.

When asked more detailed questions, Garza began wiping the palms of his hands on his pants.

At that time a Border Patrol canine alerted agents to the middle section of the grain hauler.

During a secondary inspection, the tractor trailer was required to undergo an X-Ray inspection.

The X-Ray inspection led to the discovery of the 65 bundles.

The bundles weighed 284 pounds and had an estimated street value of over $227,000.

Garza was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana.

He admitted to investigators that he had traveled to the Valley to pick up the marijuana.

He said he had paid $300 per pound of the drugs and loaded them into the grain hauler.

Garza said his plan was to sell the marijuana in El Campo, TX., and keep the proceeds for himself.