Rick Perry delivers defiant speech before surrendering

Perry stops for an ice cream after being released // Twitter: @GovernorPerry

Governor Rick Perry has been booked, fingerprinted and his mugshot has been taken.

The embattled governor publicly addressed the media and his supporters, saying he TMs going to fight his indictment and ensure the Texas constitution is upheld.

Perry was indicted Friday accused of using his position to pressure the Travis County District Attorney to resign following her DWI arrest.

Perry allegedly threatened to veto her budget unless she stepped down.

A defiant Rick Perry was flanked by supporters outside the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center in Austin.

"I am gonna fight this injustice with every fiber in my being," Perry told reporters and supporters.

The Texas governor maintains his innocence.

"We will prevail because we are standing for the rule of law," Perry said.

The Texas governor is not in jail, but was booked, photographed and released.

It TMs all part of an on-going political feud between the governor and Travis County District Attorney Rosemay Lehmberg.

Perry asked Lehmberg to resign from office when she was arrested for DWI, but a Travis County Jury indicted Perry on two felony charges, coercion of a public servant and abuse of official capacity.

The charges stem from an incident where the governor threatened to veto funding for Lehmburg TMs public integrity unit when she didn TMt resign.

Perry carried through with that veto and while speaking with reporters outside the courtside on Tuesday afternoon said he would "do it again" if given the choice.

After Perry was released, he made a pit stop at Sandy TMs Hamburgers for an ice cream where he posted a picture to his Twitter account.

A number of politicians are speaking on the indictment.

Democrat Wendy Davis, who is running to replace Perry as governor, was asked about the indictment during a recent campaign stop.

She said in part, These are very serious charges and trusts the justice system will rely on it to do its job."

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer released the following statement:

Governor Perry, like any Governor, has the constitutional authority to veto. But he stepped over the line when he abused his power and coerced an elected official. It TMs clear Governor Perry will blame anyone but himself for these actions.

Calling this a partisan attack is just a sideshow. The District Judge with jurisdiction in the case was a Republican appointed by Perry. The presiding judge in charge: a Republican. The special prosecutor: a Republican who served as a U.S. prosecutor under George W. Bush. The grand jury: a jury of Perry's Texan peers, randomly selected to carry out their civic duty.

Perry and his Republican cronies have built a culture where rules are ignored and games are played. For years, they have been trying to end funding for the public integrity unit - the only entity that serves as a watchdog in Austin. Perry finally saw his opportunity to bully the leader of this unit out of office and in doing so broke the law.

Between using taxpayer dollars to run for President and defending himself in court, it TMs clear Governor Perry is no longer looking out for the best interests of Texans but for the best interest of himself.