Rio Grande City case prompts past domestic abuse victims to speak out

It was nearly two years ago that Amelia Flores was faced with her worse nightmare.

Her husband, Roberto Rojas, allegedly murdered her mother, children and then turned the gun on her.

Amelia said he shot her twice and then began beating her.

The rampage was stopped by Amelia TMs father and she was rushed to the hospital.

Everyday that goes by brings another day that is harder, said Flores.

Flores, like so many others, said she never thought her husband was capable of murder.

She said after all was said and done"she felt guilty for surviving.

I no longer have my mother and I no longer have my kids," said Flores.

But, she soon realized, her life still had meaning and her story could save someone else.

"If there is any possibility they think they can be harmed they need to get help, said Flores Be aware that there may be danger."

A woman who only wanted to be identified as Jane spoke to Action 4 news about being in an abusive relationship.

Action 4 News has concealed her identity because she just got out of an abusive relationship.

Jane said the woman killed in Rio Grande City, Tuesday, could have easily been her.

"I could've easily been the lady that died, said Jane. But I had the courage to say no I'm not taking this abuse anymore."

She said her final breaking point was when her boyfriend threatened to kill her.

"He said if I left him he would blow my brains out with a forty caliber," said Jane.

She said that comment was all it took for her to pack her bags and leave.

"I get through this by thinking if someone can hear my story and it'll save their life then all the pain I went through is worth it," said Jane.

While these women have two completely different stories of survival"they have one thing in common"they survived.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence here are two numbers to call:

1-800-580-4879 (local)1-800-799-SAFE (national)