Rio Grande City man goes missing In Mexico

A Rio Grande family is on the search for a loved one who disappeared in Mexico nearly six weeks ago.

Jose Angel Serrano had traveled to Mexico countless times, he even attended and graduated from nursing school in Reynosa.

But he hasn't been seen or heard from since the time he left for a doctor TMs visit across the border.

On October 15th, 42-year-old man went to Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas for a doctor's appointment.

But when he didn't return, Serrano TMs brother-in-law Joe Victoria said they immediately knew something was wrong.

"All communication just stopped which was very unusual, which wasn't like him," Victoria said.

The first thing Victoria did was go to Rio Bravo himself in search of Serrano.

"I wanted to make sure I did everything I could do, Victoria said.

With no luck in Mexico, Victoria filed a report with Starr County Sheriff's Office.

But an investigator has yet to contact Victoria.

To get the ball rolling, Victoria hired private investigator Raul Reyna Jr. to assist in the search.

"Somebody needs to stop this people are disappearing and it right here and its ten minutes away from us, Victoria said.

As the violence has increased across the border in recent years, Reyna says so have the number of missing persons.

"There TMs been a ton of cases. I get calls all the time of people wanting me to find loved ones all the time who have gone missing in Mxico, Reyna said.

"People need to talk about this, Victoria said. These are family members, people's fathers and mother, this gentleman was not just my brother in law he was my best friend."

Reyna has conducted many missing person cases and some have ended with families reunited.

Luckily, this time Reyna says they have leads.

"I TMm going to send my informants who work for my company in Mxico and they will investigate on my behalf to discover his ware bouts. We have several leads as far as might have happened to him, Reyna said.

While it is unclear if the disappearance is related to the drug cartels, there has been no demand of ransom.

If you know anything that may assist investigators call Gotcha Investigations at 956-605-1949.