Rio Grande City neighbors blame "hoarder" for rat & roach infestation

Residents who live near a rundown home in Rio Grande City want the place cleaned up.

The house sits in Hermosa Street and had been an eye sore for years.

Neighbors complain the resident hoards trash and animals and doesn't keep up with his lawn.

"It's an unfortunate situation that we have to revisit that location over and over again but we have to respect the rights of the property owner," said Rio Grande City manager Matt Ruszczak said.

Ruszczak said city code enforcement has tried for years to get the tenant to keep his home tidy.

He said in the past four years the man has been cited seven times for violations.

"We obviously want to avoid any type of nuisance in our community," Ruszczak said.

After our trip to the city, code enforcement issued three new citations demanding the resident clean up the mess and get rid if the smell.

Weary neighbors would not comment on the situation but told Action 4 News that the stinky mess is causing a rat and roach infestation.

Action 4 News tried contacting the resident by visiting the home and calling his work but at the time of this report, our calls were not returned.

Ruszczak said there is only so much the city can do.

Everything the resident is cited he cleans up, but the problem is it doesn't stay clean for long.

"You are always going to have an area of concern, this is one of ours," Ruszczak said.

Neighbors can report code violations to the city.

But what they really want is the resident to maintain his home and yard consistently.

That would be the ultimate sign of neighborly love.

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