Rio Grande City officials bringing down unemployment one job at a time

For three years Rio Grande City officials have been trying to get Buffalo Wings and Rings to invest in their small town.

"They finally came around, Mayor Ruben Villarreal said. They kind of waited for the economy and for the stars to align |it's probably a 1.8 million dollar investment that they're making."

But they are not doing it alone, the Economic Development Council has also pitched in to help the new business by offering money for job creation.

"The ability to create jobs gives us a chance to allow some of the residents in this community to thrive within their own city," Rose Benavides, president of the Starr County Industrial Foundation said.

For years Starr County has battled a high unemployment rate"breaking the double digits.

Four months ago Payne Ford moved into Rio Grande City and set up shop along Highway 83.

In that time they have hired 25 people and hope to increase that number by eight in the next 90 days.

"We saw the opportunity to employ people, but not just anyone-- the locals, General Manger Raymond Goda said. We thought this would enhance the community by, not just selling automobiles, but by servicing the community by employment opportunities."

These are opportunities Benavides said will help to bring the unemployment rate in Starr County down.

"The impact of even just a handful of jobs has a very direct and indirect benefit to the total economy."