Rio Grande City officials prepare for more flooding

Rio Grande City officials continue to monitor the Rio Grande.

They say that in just 4 hours, the river rose an inch.

"With that extra water, we're not sure what to expect," said Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal.

By early Thursday afternoon, Villarreal said floodwaters are expected to reach the city.

This is about 12 hours after the International Boundary and Water Commission releases more water into the Rio Grande from Falcon Dam.

"We're in store for a big ride, and we're not sure exactly where we're going to get off, but we're going to hold steady and be proactive," said Villarreal.

Villarreal said IBWC officials have told him the city should expect to see 40 percent more flooding than what they had during the last release.

This past weekend, Villareal said there was minor flooding.

He said ten homes were affected, 6 had water inside, and 4 homes had water on the property.

There was also some flooding in agriculture and ranch areas.

"But, the water was substantial, and it provided a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, and a lot of different possibilities and none of them were good," said Villarreal.

The water has since receeded.

Some of the areas that were flooded are completely dry, with no signs that there was flooding, but mayor Villarreal said he wants residents to know that the threat of flooding is real.

He and other city officials have gone door to door passing out flyers to notify people that could be affected by the potential flooding.

"They're telling us to be prepared in case we need to evacuate," said Ernestina Rios in Spanish.

Rios said she's never seen anything like this, but it doesn't scare her.

She said she'll just prepare her things in case she needs to evacuate.

Officials said they will remain on high alert as the river continues to rise.