Rio Grande City police officer saves drug smuggler from drowning

Everyday Roberto Trevino puts on 30 pounds of gear--all meant to keep him safe when he is out patrolling the streets of Rio Grande City.

But remove these vital pieces of equipment, especially along the banks of the Rio Grande, and Trevino said an officer leaves himself vulnerable to the dangers that lurk on the other side.

"You're exposed to the danger of the snipers on the other side," Trevino said.

That was exactly what Trevino did on Tuesday after the alleged drug smuggler he was chasing dove into the Rio Grande---in an attempt to evade police.

That plan backfired.

"I saw the desperation on his face," Trevino said. "He was dying."

This 12-year veteran said he could not let the man, he was chasing just moments before, die right in front of him.

"I couldn't just stand there and do nothing," Trevino said." I couldn't let him drown."

Piece by piece Roberto began to take off his protection--the gear that could save his life--so he could rescue another.

"I kept on thinking I'm doing this and what if there is someone on the Mexican side waiting for us."

Luckily for Trevino and the two Border Patrol Agents who also braved the water to help the alleged drug smuggler, no one was waiting on the other side and they were all able to make it back to dry land--safely.

Agents discovered over 400 pounds of marijuana in the man's car. He was taken to the hospital and then released into the custody of Border Patrol.

Rio Grande City Police Officer Chases Suspect and Rescue Him From Drowning